Eat Pretty: Book Review

Friday, 15 July 2016

Eat Pretty, Nutrition for Beauty Inside & Out:

This book is written by Jolene Hart. Jolene originally worked in fashion where she obviously saw women trying every type of potion and serum to try and make themselves look 'beautiful'. Noticing that is didn't hide the sleepless nights and stress, she thought maybe the 'you are what you eat' may work a little better. Hence this book! Now when I decided to become more healthy it was because of feeling lethargic and my skin being utter rubbish so when I saw this book my thought process was I must buy it, I must buy it now... and that I did. 

This isn't a regular old recipe book or a 'self help' type book. There are recipes in there but there is also an abundance of information and facts. The book is split into 3 parts; rethink beauty, four seasons to eat pretty and the essential beauty players.

As you can see these are then broken down further into chapters.
The first part (rethink beauty) was really interesting to me. It lets you know all those pesky 'beauty betrayers'. Those things we know are bad for us but Jolene tells us exactly what it is doing to our skin, hair, nails etc. She goes on to explain that the book is there to promote a healthy relationship with food which is exactly what drew me to this book! I didn't want another one trying to make you feel guilty about having a slice of pizza. She lets us know the negative impact of the specific things we eat and how we can therefore manage these. Basically, how to 'listen to our bodies'. Which to me is a good philosophy to have! It then goes on to explain enzymes, vitamins, minerals and all that confusing stuff in a much more simple manner (which was highly beneficial for me and my lack of knowledge), why we need then and what for! 

The second section fFour seasons to eat pretty) I found incredibly useful. It tells you what foods are in season and their benefits.  I obviously went to all the foods that I enjoy and eat a lot of to see how they benefit me. It was really interesting to see the power of food!

This section also has lots of great recipes that aren't crazy complicated but are great for your health. Overall probably my favourite section!

Part Three: Beauty Beyond Your Plate. This section is about everything else that can help you to get that glowing skin or awesome set of nails. She says that loads of things can affect your beauty such as hormones and emotions! It talks about mindfulness and looking after yourself in other ways not just having a healthy diet.

Overall, I really would recommend this book. It is filled with useful information that really opened my eyes up to how much food can affect you and your body. I'd say the second section was definitely my favourite but the whole book was a winner in my eyes. If you want to learn and get more information to help with things like dull skin, weak hair or just generally on health benefits of food then I would suggest checking this book out!

You can get the book from loads of different places online, I bought mine originally when I was in Los Angeles. For a list of retailers go to Jolene's website.

Have you got this book? What do you think? Let me know of any recommendations you have similar to this!

Jaynie xx


  1. I'd definitely love to check out this book. I think that learning more about which foods are seasonal would be so helpful. It would definitely encourage me to get more fresh produce!

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

    1. It really was an eye opener! Sounds silly but I didn't realise some of the stuff that food can do!


  2. Ooo, I like the sound of this book! It sounds like a great read. I'm definitely going to check it out. Great recommendation and review xLauren Nicole,


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