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Monday, 3 October 2016

My Current Favourite Bloggers

As much as I love writing my blog, I also love reading others. I am always looking for new content to read. So, I thought why not make a post on my favourite bloggers, the ones I always read.

Copper Garden

I love Jess from Copper Garden. Her blog has grown so much and I can see why. The images and content is always on point and it's always a blog I end up clicking on. She includes Style, Beauty, Fitness, Life and Travel. All the things I love to have a good old read of. Jess is also incredibly pretty and interesting, damn her! I really enjoy her Instagram too, which is @CopperGarden

Kate La Vie

Like with Copper Garden, Kate La Vie is a pretty well known blog. Again she has the simple monochrome vibe on her blog, which usually attracts me straight away. She has perfect images and even though there is a 'high end' feel about her posts, she comes across incredibly down to earth, not at all snobby! She mainly posts about beauty, interior, lifestyle and travel. I love that she works interior design into her blog as I love homeware and different ways of styling your home. Kate posts amazing pictures on Instagram and you can find her at @KateLaVie. (If you can't tell, I love Instagram, I love being nosey and I also love photography - so obviously, it suits me perfectly!)

Jasmine Talks Beauty

I adore this blog. Jasmine get's so many comments, but almost all of the time will respond. I personally think that's a great trait of a blogger (especially a popular one), as it doesn't make the reader feel over looked. Jasmines blog is incredibly popular with over 50k followers, but you can see why. Her images are great and you can always tell she's put a lot of time and effort into her posts. Jasmine also has Insagram over at @jasminetalksbeauty.

Scampi & Chips

Scampi &  Chips is a Lifestyle blog ran by Kayleigh. First of all, I love the name of her blog. It's completely different to most other lifestyle/blog titles, however, every time I read it, I really start to crave fish and chips. Kayleigh's blog is something I recently stumbled upon and ended up binging on her posts. I also had a great stalk of her Instagram and loved her content there too (@kayleighbestwick). This is mainly a beauty and lifestyle blog that has a lot of time and effort put into it, so, I would definitely recommend checking her out.

Chloe Harriets

I may be accused of being a little bias, as Chloe from Chloe Harriets, is actually my best friend in the outside world. However, I do genuinely love reading her posts and I know how much time and effort she puts into them. Chloe's blog is a mixture of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and some personal posts. She produces great content and her photo's are always on point! She too has an Instagram over at @chloehayfs


Finally, Emtalks. This is a fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and fitness blog. She kind of covers all ground I think! Em always has the most amazing photos, especially of the beautiful places she gets to travel. I sit there in both envy and awe, her travel posts are definitely my favourite. Em goes on loads of events and gets a lot of opportunities, so it's also fun to have a nose at what she gets up to! You can find her Instagram over at @EmShelx

So, those are my current favourite reads, what are yours? Leave them below so I can check them out, as well as yours!

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words :) Kate La Vie is one of my favourite blogs too!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

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  4. Really nice post here! Because of your article I had hours of pleasure reading this new (for me) blogs. I most enjoyed reading Chloe Harriets and Copper Garden blogs. I think that all bloggers should do this sometimes. Because if I read someone for a long time and this someone will tell me to read websites reviews I will do it. I think most of us will do the same and 80% chance that her (his) advice will be useful for us


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