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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Writers Block? Lack of Blogging Motivation?

I have been blogging solidly for for past couple months, however, it's something that I have done 'on and off' for a long time. I feel like I am finally at the stage where I am enjoying it and really motivated to write. I've always liked writing, but I'd find that my motivation would waver, especially if I am stressed or not feeling so cheerful in my personal life. However, now I feel that if I am down or angry, I will write... If I am stressed, I will write. It seems to be something that chills me out and is an enjoyable past time. Saying this, I can still have odd days where my mind is just blank. The difference is that I now how several ways to try and get my mind back active again, so I thought I'd share what motivates me to write.


I love Instagram. I have since the day I got it! It combines my love of photography and nosiness into one.  It is also great for inspiration. Obviously I am talking about blog inspiration, but it's great for all kinds, fitness, healthy eating, makeup, sports, tattoos, etc, etc. All the 'big' bloggers have Instagram, it's a great way to reach out to different people and 'promote' your blog. When I'm feeling a little uninspired, I head straight to my favourite bloggers Instagram or search some hashtags like 'bbloggers', 'beauty blogs' and 'beauty bloggers' to find new pages to read. 
Some of my favourite Instagrams to head to for blogging inspo are: '@hellooctoberxo', '@livpurvis', '@icovetthee', '@thesundaygirluk' and '@buynowbloglater'.


Ahhh Pinterest, how I love you. This is great for inspiration! Not only is it filled with beautiful images, it is also full of information and links. This is a great website/app for bloggers. A lot of the times I will end up clicking through photos and links, having no idea how I got there, but being flooded with ideas of things I can write about!

Read, Read, Read

My biggest motivation to write definitely comes from reading other peoples blogs. Bloglovin' is great for this, obviously you can follow blogs that you love to read using it, but it also introduces you to loads of new blogs and writers. There have been numerous times where I have got inspiration from other peoples posts, now I do not mean copying. But getting a few tips or ideas, maybe even just a topic is totally fine. I know I sure as hell wouldn't be offended if I inspired someone else. 

Step Away From The Computer

This one is probably the one I'm not very good at doing. My day job requires me staring at a computer screen all day, then I blog in the evening. Sometimes, when I am completely frazzled and can no longer think of words, it's best to just shut off the computer and chill out. There is no point in writing a post for the sake of it, it will be obvious you rushed it and neither you or the people reading are going to be crazy excited about it. Things like going for a walk, watching a film, nosing around the shops can spur on random post ideas that you would of never thought if you were still staring at the computer screen. 

Search Engines

This is a pretty obvious one, but just googling 'beauty blog post ideas' or whatever it is that you need inspiration for. It often brings up lists and lists of different post titles and topic you could write. I've done this loads of times and have actually compiled my own lists to save time googling! 

Hope these helped! Leave your ideas below if you have any :)


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  1. This is definitely helpful, I love reading other peoples blogs and looking on instagram for inspiration. x

  2. Thank you very much for this blogpost! Lately, I've been struggling to write... So this will be quite helpful :) x

    1. I think most people have moments where they struggle to find it! Completely normal:) x

  3. I have been blogging two years and not really had bloggers block yet, for me I love Pinterest! I also adore Instagram, both are perfect for inspiration.

    EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin | Blog Header Services

    1. Ah you're one of the lucky ones then! Yeah Instagram is usually the first place I go to! x

  4. Nice Inspirations

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  5. Taking a break helps me a lot, I found that taking some time away from blogging and enjoying other things gives me the time to relax, think of new ideas and come back with new content. I love Instagram too :)


    1. Same! I will sit and try and think of things to write about and come up with nothing. Then I'll toddle off for a walk or for a cup of tea and suddenly I can think of loads!


  6. Thank you for this - so nice to know others have motivation dips too! lauren -

    1. No problem! Yeah seems to happen to the best of the bloggers, so I wouldn't worry too much! x

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  9. I love Instagram and facebook.
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    Thank you for sharing such a inspirational article!


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