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Friday, 9 June 2017

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Hey guys! Sadly there has been a lot of negativity within the old blogging/youtube community recently, so, I thought why not share a little love.

I have decided that I am going to do a post on all my favourite content creators! From Blogging, to YouTube, to Instagram!

This is a very large blog, so you've probably already heard of it. I always find myself clicking on this blog whenever I see a new post. Even though it is a very popular, it still has personality and a lot of useful information available. If you love beauty, lifestyle and blogging tips, I would definitely recommend this one.

Alice May Snell (Blog & Instagram) -
I discovered Alice through her Instagram (@alicemaysnell) and then from there went on to read her blog. The photography is incredible and her Instagram feed looks beautiful. She also has a YouTube channel I believe, so I need to check that out. Alice seems very down to earth and like she really loves creating content.

Brittany Saunders (Youtube) -
I bloody love Brittany. She's definitely one of the most down to earth Youtubers I have come across. She is really successful but her personality has remained exactly the same throughout. Brittany and Georgia (her housemate/pal) are like a comedy duo. In my opinion, Brittany should vlog every day and just work on content 24/7, ha!

DizzyBrunette3 (Blog) - 
This blog is just beautiful to look at overall. Corrie's post are such high quality and the images are gorgeous. I love that she has a mixture of personal posts (like photos of her bloomin' adorable pup), I tend to gravitate to blogs that do this.

Chloe Harriet (Blog/Insta/Youtube) -
Chloe is one of my best friends in "real life", however, she also runs a blog, YouTube and Instagram... all of which she puts a lot of time and effort into. Chloe's pictures are awesome and she puts videos up weekly! They are fabulous and definitely worth a look! (@chloeharriets)

Not to 'self plug', but I thought I would also leave links to my Youtube Channel which I have very recently started and plan on putting a lot of time and effort into. Let me know if you subscribe and/or have your own channels :)

JaynieShannonx Youtube



  1. Yay thank you for mentioning me :)

    Will check out everyone else you said too - I'm looking for some new people to follow. It's good to have some positivity in the blogosphere!


  2. Will have to check out some of those, I follow a few of them but a few are new to me. My favourite blogger at the moment is Vix Meldrew, she's a dating blogger and absolutely hilarious.
    Holly x /

  3. I definitely need to check out these bloggers and influencers.

  4. Check ou violette_fr on youtube and insta


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