Sunday Round Up & Weekly Vlog

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Good day! Hope you've had an awesome week. As previously mentioned (on Twitter @JaynieShannonx), I am trying to do weekly vlogs. I decided I still wanted to do a blog post along side of it that was a round up of my week, so that is what I have done! (The video is linked at the bottom of the post, feel free to subscribe! My Youtube channel is very new so appreciate each and every follow! :))

I bought a new camera at the beginning of this week. I hadn't touched my birthday money and had a £100 discount so purchased the Lumix LX15 (LX10 if you are in America I believe). It is so good. I was looking at the Canon G7 ii, but it was sold out everywhere. I then read an article that were comparing the Lumix with the G7 and they seemed so similar that I decided to have a look at the Panasonic. I'm so glad I did, I really love this camera and have been using it all week. I even filmed my Get Ready with Me video using it, instead of my Olympus Pen. It's the size of a compact but has awesome quality film and images, it also has a flip out screen which is great for blogging. I got it straight from Jessops who (at the time) had £100 off, a free 32gb SD card and a free case. I don't believe the discount code for the £100 off is still running, but there does appear to be cash back at the time of writing this post. 

Thursday evening I went to the pub for food with Georgina and Chloe. It was nice to have a catch up as the three of us hadn't been together for a couple of weeks. It was nice and chilled but I ate way too much, as usual. Chloe often has a camera on her as she has a blog too, and took the wonderful candid shot that you can see at the top of this post. It was genuinely candid as well!

Friday I had my hair done. I didn't get too much of a change, just some low lights to break up the blonde and merge in my roots so I don't have to fuss about it when I am on maternity and super poor. 

Saturday and today (Sunday), I tried to be super productive! I filmed some videos, wrote some blog posts and planned some future content. I also tried to do some work outs as I have to strengthen my muscles in my legs (according to the physio) as well as had a quick tidy up of the flat. Not super exciting, but as I have Steph down next weekend, I thought I would get all the boring stuff when I have the time. 

Hope you enjoyed your week! Vlog can be found below. I have recently started putting more effort into Youtube and would love if you subscribed over there also (if you want obviously!)


  1. I'm really excited that you're weekly vlogging!
    and also kinda impressed with my candid photos of you xxx

  2. Love your youtube videos! Good luck with your new channel!
    Really looking forward to more weekly vlogs.


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