What's in My Maternity/Hospital Bag?

Sunday, 10 September 2017

As a first time mother to be, I have no idea what I am doing. However, after a lot of googling and watching Youtube videos, me and my mother have packed my hospital bag. I am due on the 22nd of September so thought we should probably get on top of it. I thought I would write a post on it to help prompt any other mothers in regards to ideas of what to take, and see if anyone has any useful hints and tips to leave in the comments! It's definitely difficult to know what exactly you need as everyone has such different experiences. I could be in and out in the same day, in which case I have majorly overpacked, or I could be in for a week. A lot of people have the minimum in one bag and a back up bag at home to be retrieved if needed, but me and my mother decided we are going to overpack and take one bag for the baby and one bag for myself. 

I purchased a pre-packed hospital bag which was really helpful and meant I didn't have to waddle around the shops in pain. I got it from Goodies for Mummies and you can find it here and all the items that came with it.  There are some bits we have taken out to use afterwards, so it's worth checking out their list as well as my own :)

My Hospital Bag:

- Hospital Notes!
- Maternity Pads
- Underwear (black and large pants to accommodate for maternity pads) including socks and bra 
- Nipple Pads (to help with those leakages)
- Towel
- Shampoo/Conditioner
- T shirt to give birth in
- Clean Pjs if I stay overnight
- Button up shirt (if I get chilly)
- Slide on slippers
- Jumper (to travel home in if cold - may leave in car)
- Cosmetics
- Toothpaste/Toothbrush
- Hand Sanitiser
- Deodorant
- Nipple Cream
- iPad/Headphones/Charger
- Camera
- Snacks

Baby Bag:

- Vests
- Outfits
- Nappies (hospital will have these too obviously)
- Mittens/Hats/Socks
- Blanket
- Changing Mat
- Muslin Cloths
- Small tube of Sudocream (again, hospital will have some I would assume)
- Wipes
- Baby Moisturiser
- Breast pump/Bottle (depending on how you are feeding, obviously they will provide means, but if you prefer to use your own)

What have you found useful? Or what turned out to be a waste of time when you packed yours?

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