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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Create an inviting/inspiring workspace:

I find that I get a lot more work done when I am in a space that is specifically for that purpose, just like getting up and going to work. I have a corner desk with all my work equipment set up on. Even if you don't have the room for a desk or office space, even just sitting at the dining room table and setting up the area will help. 

As well as having a specific work space, it is important to make it inviting and somewhere that you want to spend time (or at least don't mind it!). I love how my desk looks, I bought lots of 'bits and bobs' to make the desk both decorative and practical. My flat has a very grey, white and copper theme, so carried I this onto my desk space. 

Two of the main things I use to help with work and blogging are my phone and laptop. I have even gone as far to match them to my workspace theme by having a laptop skin and matching phone case (because I am that extra). I used the website CaseApp to have matching custom phone and laptop cases! The website has pre-made designs which you can keep them as is, or, add text and images to put your own stamp on them. As you can see, I chose the marble designs and added my initials to them, simple but effective! You can design a phone case or laptop skin totally from scratch if you are super creative as well!

Take a lunchbreak:

This is probably a tip that I should actually listen to myself... Making sure to take a break will allow you to refresh and return to your work with a fresh perspective. Don't forget to eat and drink too! 

Plan ahead:

Having some kind of plan of what you need to get done that day will allow you to keep on top of your work load. It can be difficult to motivate yourself without a manager keeping an eye on you at all times, but making a plan or list of tasks can help with this. There are lots of organisation apps which can also help this if you don't want to be 'old school' with a pen and paper. 

Get dressed:

This probably sounds daft, but getting up and out of your PJ's can definitely help to get the day started and underway. I am a lot more productive when I actually get showered and changed. If I stay in my PJ's I end up sat in front of the tv for hours and acting like it is the weekend, until panic sets in when I realise how much work I have to do!

Try to work set days/hours:

This depends on your job really. My job is a Monday to Friday, with some days as work from home, therefore mine are set for me. However, as I am now on maternity, I am trying to see blogging as a form of job in order to get any collaborations up on time as well as continuing to grow. I am trying to keep that to weekdays as much as I can (but that doesn't always work with a newborn) so I will be more likely to complete anything that needs doing ahead of schedule. 

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What tips do you have for working from home? Anything that you find helps you to up your productivity?


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  1. When I have to work from home I have to get up at a normal working time and get dressed, if not I feel like I'm ready for bed all day long!

    Danielle xx

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