Getting Into The Festive Spirit

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Seasons greetings! I love Christmas, however, for some reason I have not been feeling all that festive this year. It feels like Christmas came out of nowhere! I have been thinking of all the things that make me feel Christmassy to get myself back into the spirit, so, why not write a post on it?!

Watch Christmas Movies:

A Christmas movie is always a surefire way to get me in the spirit. I have my favourite 'go to' films that I watch every year without fail!

- The Grinch
- Elf
- Love Actually
- Mean Girls
- The Holiday
- Four Christmases

Blast Christmas Music:

You can't have Christmas without some classic festive tunes. Well, you can, I am being dramatic, but you see where I am going with this. My all time favourite Christmas tunes are:

- Last Christmas (Wham!)
- Fairytale of New York (The Pogues)
- All I Want For Christmas (Mariah Carey) 
- Do They Know It's Christmas (Band Aid)
- Stay Another Day (East 17)
- Step Into Christmas (Elton John)

Christmas Ventures:

I definitely venture out of my flat more around this time of year. There are a few things that get me into the spirit such as:

- Christmas Markets
- Christmas Panto 
- Christmas Nights Out
- Christmas Shopping
- Christmas Meals

 Staying in:

I am definitely turning into a little old lady these days as I much prefer a night in than a night out! Perfect cosy nights in get me in the spirit without fail:

- Watching Christmas Films
- Hot Drinks While In Your Duvet
- Decorating Your Home/Room
- Wrapping Christmas Presents/Writing Cards
- Watch Vlogmas Videos
- Reading Christmas Blog Posts
- Eating Christmas Snacks
- Watch TV Specials
- Christmas Jumpers

What do you do to get into the spirit? Are you looking forward to Christmas?



  1. I know exactly what you feel when you're not feeling christmassy this year! Elf and the Grinch definitely help and eating all the Christmas snacks does too!

    Love Luce x

  2. Just stumbled across your blog and love it!! Love this post - nothing beats a night in with a Christmas movie on the telly!xx

    Lucy |

  3. love actually and the holiday are a must right now. i'm also going to the christmas market again to feel extra festive.

  4. Watching christmas movies are my favourite thing about christmas. My favourites are The Polar express, The santa clause movies, The grinch and the Home alone movies. x

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