Did I Achieve My 2017 Goals?

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

At the end of last year, I wrote a list of goals for 2017. I thought it would be fun to look back and see whether or not I accomplished them. I will be writing a new list of goals for 2018, but that will be up another day! So, lets have a look back at what I hoped to achieve over the year of 2017.

1. Continuing to blog:

So, as you can probably see, this is something that I accomplished. I never had a specific goal such as 'three posts a week', as I didn't want to go from one extreme to the other. I just wanted to grow my blog in one way or another and I feel like I have done that. I did have a couple of months off where I was pregnant, but I think that is a pretty good reason so I will let myself off with that one!

2. Start a Youtube Channel:

Okay, so this is something that I've only done towards the end of the year. Although I've not managed to get up as many videos as I would of liked, I have managed to get a good start to my channel and I am becoming more comfortable in front of the camera. If you fancy subscribing then you can find my channel here.

3. Improve My Skin:

My skin is actually a lot better than it was when I wrote my original post. I drink a lot more water than I did, in fact I pretty much only drink green tea & water (unless the odd alcoholic beverage turns up unexpectedly). Of course I still get the odd spot here and there (I have a lovely one currently residing on my cheek), but due to the good old 'time of the month', it can be expected. This is something I still want to continue to do and to make sure I keep on top of moisturising etc. As I am still on maternity leave, I wear makeup a lot less and I think this is doing my skin some good as well.

4. Get My Licence & A Car:

Nailed it. I managed to do a crash course (so ironically titled) and get myself a car by February, so I think that is quite good going for a yearly goal! Plus, I found out I was pregnant at the end of February, so it was also pretty good timing...

5. Be Happy With My Body:

Hmm, well when I wrote this, I did not expect that I would be having a baby... I feel like this one has kind of gone out the window due to that. So, at the start of the year I was back to eating healthy and I was starting to be body confident and then I noticed I was gaining weight even though I was eating well. I then went out (drinking) and couldn't keep anything down... this is when it hit me that there may be an underlying reason. Long story short, I was pregnant. Obviously I have now had my baby (on the 20th of September), but as we all know, it changes your body massively. I am luckily in the fact that I can fit in about 70% of my pre-baby clothes already and I also didn't really get any stretch marks. I appreciate that so much as I know for a lot of women, that really isn't the case. A lot of mine must be down to good genetics. I'm not happy with my body if we want to speak generally... my stomach isn't toned and I'm still slightly bigger than I was. But, if you asked if I am happy with be post pregnancy body, I would say yes. I have started personal training sessions and I eat really well, so hopefully I will achieve this goal within 2018.

6. Cut Out The Negativity:

I feel like I have pretty much done this. I don't have anyone who I feel brings me down or makes me feel rubbish about myself anymore. Even if someone attempts to make me feel bad, or perhaps manages to do it, I move on pretty fast and focus on the positive things instead. This is definitely something I want to continue for 2018.

7. Finish Off My Flat:

So, I wanted to buy a new sofa, tv and other furniture for the front room. Due to my little bundle of joy and a terrible maternity wage, that just wasn't going to happen. However, Ryleigh's room is adorable and I am happy with my bedroom, so in all, I'm not too disappointed!

8. Meet Some New People:

Yeaaaaa, I did not do this... I don't know who I was kidding... I love spending time alone, I have enough pals for now! Ha!

9. Get Organised:

This is a very annoying flaw of mine. I am so blimin' unorganised. To be honest, this is not something that has got any better over this year. I think I am just going to accept that this is not something I am good at. Can't all be perfect ey? (...or on time).

10. Save Money:

Again, due to the baby and little money coming in, this is near impossible. I managed to save a grand up for this month due to Christmas and all my bills (car/flat) coming out at the same time. But other than that, I haven't managed it. I'm going to have to do it next year though... I lose my beloved, interest free, overdraft </3


Overall, I don't think I did too badly! Especially considering an unexpected pregnancy was thrown in the mix. I'm looking forward to writing some more goals for the year ahead.The ironic thing is, when I wrote the 2017 goals, I remember thinking to myself 'wouldn't it be funny if something major happened, like I got pregnant, then I look back and think ooooh if only you knew!'. Well, clearly I have some psychic abilities...

She is so cute though!!

Did you achieve your goals? Are you planning on writing some for 2018?!


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  1. This is such a great post. You should be so proud of everything you have achieved this year, considering you had a unexpected baby. That is the massive achievement in itself!!
    a life of a charlotte

    1. Thank you lovely! Pretty proud of myself! xx

  2. Love this post! Well done on achieving what you have, especially with an unexpected pregnancy thrown in there! You've reminded me that I need to set my own goals for 2018 :)

    A xx

    1. Thanks! Love setting goals, especially when I manage to actually do them! xx

  3. Get organized and save money for me are going to be a challenge but you are right, have goal is important things to do. xoxo

    1. So difficult! Well having it as a goal is one step in the right direction I suppose!xx

  4. You've done a fantastic job with your goals. And what a gorgeous little angel you have xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

  5. This is really cute!

  6. What a lovely post! Proud of all that you've achieved! <3

    xx Nele |

  7. Wow, how stunning is your little baby!
    You have achieved so much in the space of a year. I don't even want to think about what my goals were because there is no way that I have hit most of them!

    Danielle xx

  8. You've achieved so much and created a small human I'd definitely say you've had a productive year!

  9. Such a lovely post! It's so good to reflect at the end of the year and see how far you've come :) x

  10. You should be very proud - I've hardly completed any of my goals, and I've not given birth or looked after a little person :) xx


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