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Saturday, 16 February 2019

As I mentioned in my 2019 Come Back blog post, I have been moving into a cruelty free lifestyle, which of course includes beauty. I'm still using up old products, but making sure that the new purchases are cruelty free. I'm still getting used to checking this before getting over excited and purchasing the item! So, as a newbie, these are all the wonderful things I have discovered and love in the land of cruelty free beauty.

This moisturiser is glorious. I put it on before I go to bed and I wake up feeling super moisturised and fabulous. I don't love the smell but it makes my skin look so good that I really don't care! 

I'm really bad for moisturising my body, but this stuff smells like bliss which has made me use it longer than any other body moisturiser. It does what is says on the tin and is certified 100% vegan. So that is me happy! But seriously, go in to The Body Shop and sniff this bad boy. 

This is actually not a new discovery. It has featured in previous favourites and has been in my collection for a long time (repurchased numerous times). Tea Tree is such a pure and magical ingredient and dries spots right up. I use this when I can feel that I've got a few spots on the way and it stops them getting out of control. Although luckily, touch wood, I have only had 2 spots (during 'that time') in 7 months since going plant based.

My mother bought me this for Christmas (along with the moisturisers listed) and I'd never heard of a 'pollution clearing face mask' before. I have used it a few times and I really like how it feels whilst it is on and how my skin feels afterwards. I can't really tell you if it takes any pollution out of my face? However, as my dissertation is going to be based on pollution, therefore learning all about it, I'm guessing I'll end up smothering myself in this stuff. 

I've used Bleach London ever since going silver/grey haired. However, I'd never used the 'smokey' version. My boyfriend got me this for Christmas and I love it! It makes my hair a lot more Grey than silver with slight undertones of purple after just 5 minutes of using it. I may do a full review once I have sorted my roots out (they are bad guys, real bad). 

Okay so admittedly, this took a few attempts to get used to. The first couple I looked a little silly as there were streaks and patches everywhere. However, once I got used to the application, I grew to love it. The colour comes out dark but not with crazy orange tones. You can also get 3 different shades, I used the dark one and will probably still to that for now!

My favourite foundation (for in the day time) has been MAC Face & Body for years. I tend to favour a more natural look with some extra tough concealer which face and body was great for. However, MAC sucks and tests on animals so I tried this as an alternative. It is pretty much exactly the same, maybe even a little better?! The packaging is also a lot pretty than MACs so I would definitely recommend this if you are after a lighter coverage, cruelty free foundation. 

Again, this has been a favourite for a very long time now but just happens to be from a cruelty free brand. My friend Chloe worked for a Marc Jacobs counter and gave me some of their samples of this mascara and I have been in love ever since! 

Finally, an oldie but a goodie (and vegan, woohoo!). Yes, I have raved about this before and I will rave about it forever. It's still my favourite setting spray by far! I won't go into detail as everyone probably knows about this product by now!

What are your favourite cruelty free products? I love trying out new things!

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  1. I spot so many of my favourite brands, especially the body shop, lush and urban decay. x

  2. The Body Shop Tea Tree oil is a miracle-worker! I always reach for it if I'm breaking out!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  3. The Smoky Shampoo caught my eye on my last trip to Boots as it sounds like it could really help me - I'm always trying to find products that'll keep my hair really cool-toned xx

  4. That or the Silver one by the same brand work wonders! xx

  5. I've been a fan of it for years. Anything tea tree based it great for a break out! xx

  6. They're the best of the bunch!


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