Life With An 18 Month Old Daughter

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Yes I am slightly late with the 18 month update but I will blame university, work and being a single mum.. rather than just poor time keeping. Anyway, it has been around 18 months since I had my daughter. I thought I'd write a rambling post about what life is like with an 18 month old.

They have a lot of energy

Okay... toddlers come with a lot of energy. But in all honesty, I love it. My daughter is bloomin' hilarious. Yes, it can be exhausting at times but it is totally worth it. You also realise what your own cardio levels are like because you too have to run around like a maniac.


So Ry isn't really talking yet. She has some words that she says but she isn't stringing a sentence together. Nursery have said that they are working on her pronunciation at the moment so I've been trying to do the same. Ry can clearly say 'Hiya', 'Bubye', 'Mama', 'Dada', and 'Nana' (but for banana, not nana... sorry mum). She understands so much now though, I had somewhat under estimated her understanding up until recently. If I say to help me tidy up, she does. If I say to put something in the bin, she will. If I say lets change your bum or go to bed, she goes right where she needs to. She is also bleddy good at her animals noises. She might not be able to clearly say what the animals are called but se can do a cracking impression of them. 


Well, the girl definitely has a personality I'll give her that. The level of sass in such a tiny human is pretty funny (and mildly concerning for her teenage years). She has such a sense of humour and adventure. Of course there are times where she is a pain in the butt (she completely ignores being told no etc), but she is hilarious and becoming really affectionate and is just a joy to be around. Oh, and she also loves to throw some serious dance moves. Clearly gets her immense rhythm from myself.


I had it lucky... she has slept through since about 3 months old. There have been a handful of occasions where she's had a bad night for me (2 were when I had exams the next day, cheers for that Ry), but the girl loves her sleep. She still has one nap in the day, probably averaging around 1.5 hours, although today she decided to power through and inevitably fell asleep on me. I really try to avoid this as much as possible because I don't want to disturb her putting her to bed and I don't want her to be reliant on being attached to someone in order to sleep because it's just not feasible long term but she was sat watching tv with me and that lack of nap just hit her straight in the face. She did look pretty cute though..


Ry goes to nursery two and half days a week. She absolutely loves it. Of course there are times you drop her off and she's feeling a bit clingy, but after 20 seconds of leaving she is stuffing her face with breakfast and has forgotten all about you. Whenever I pick her up she is playing with the other kids or the staff tell me about how she's been trying to hug and kiss the other kids all day. It's so cute to see her making little friends. I honestly really wanted her to feel comfortable being sociable with other kids and didn't want her to be completely reliant on family. Obviously I would love to be attached to her all the time, but I didn't want her to be totally dependant on family so that she was afraid to be with other people or meet other kids etc. 

...and what about me?

Oh parent anxiety. It's a real thing. I've always been protective. I was (still am) protective over my little brother, my mum, my friends etc. I will be the one to gob off if someone gave a friend crap when we were out etc. But dear lord, having a child makes that even worse. I swear if anyone says anything mean to her ever, they will pay. I will go Liam Neeson on them. 

I hope you liked this post.

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J x

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