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Thursday, 20 June 2019

I realise the title of this post is somewhat confusing as I've listed different products so I'll do my best to explain. I went from very light blonde to this colour you can see above using all of the products listed in the title, however, I do not recommend all the products listed in the title. I shall explain why!

So just for some context, the picture above is the colour I was starting with. I then purchased the Bleach London Rose and Awkward Peach Semi-Permanent dyes. I loved the brands silver shampoo for when my hair was silver/grey, so thought I'd continue with this brand. After applying 50/50 of each colour all over my hair and washing it off after 20 mins (I got impatient), I had the lightest pink you've ever seen. It was basically blonde with a pink hue. I then did the same process again and left it on for the full duration recommended and ended up with the below photo (and first photo) colour.

As you can see, this is very pink and not very peach at all. The second time I put a lot more Peach in but it still was Pink. I liked this, however, it does not last 2-10 washes as stated. I went to a festival with this hair. As it is England, it rained at this festival so I had a hood up. Now, by rain I mean very pathetic drizzling of rain, not a proper shower. However, I then got home to realise I had NO pink left in my fringe/front of hair... where it had not been covered by the hood. I did still have a pink back half of the head. Which looks just as ridiculous as you would imagine.

I then ironically tried to wash it out several times, and it faded a lot but still had pink in it. So what did my very irritated self do? Throw another dye on it. I stuck to pink because anything else would probably have been chaos, but I decided to go for Olio Rose Gold 9.2 dye instead. Below is how it turned out.

Annoyingly, I don't have an in between photo to show but it was very light blonde again with random patches of pale pink and I managed to get it to this colour using the Olio. Now my hair feels like total rubbish, but that'll more likely due to the fact that I didn't wait long between doing these dyes and I'd not long had it bleached as well (not recommended).

I do really like the hair colour it is now, but I'm not convinced this is going to last long either. I am currently only on day 2 so I will edit this post accordingly but I do plan on purchasing the Rose Shampoo from Bleach London as the Silver one has done me well in the past! Hopefully it'll will work for pink hair too!

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