Easy Ways To Get A Better Night Sleep | 2019

Sunday, 9 June 2019

easy ways to get a better night sleep

*This post contains gifted items

Difficulties getting to sleep? Having a poor quality sleep? Keep on reading to see some of the easy ways to get a better night sleep! Side note: there is also a video version of this post at the end!

1. No Phone Zone

Studies have shown that screen light interrupts the circadian rhythm, which therefore wrecks your sleeping pattern! Phones are also designed to make us react (notifications). They're pretty much tell us when to pick them up and when to use them.. which then develops into a habit. For the last few weeks I have stopped using my phone from around 9:30PM and it is on charge in the hallway, rather than my bedroom. This has made a huge difference, to the point that when I get up, I actually forget to look at my phone for a while, whereas before, it used to be the first thing I did! (Obviously I have purchased an alarm clock to make sure I get up in time for work!)

2. Routine

Having a wind-down routine that you try to stick to can work wonders. I've pretty much given myself a bed time that I stick to (as long as my boyfriend isn't around to ruin it) and it helps so much. Instead of one night going to bed as soon as my daughter goes, followed by the next night, going to bed at 1AM because I got engrossed in YT videos! I now start winding down at 9:30PM. I take my make up off, send my last texts for the night and put my phone in a different place. I then read a book until 10/10:15 and tend to be asleep by half 10. It's so much easier getting up in the morning and my sleep itself has really improved.

3. Environment

I recently moved my room around and gave it a tidy up. I don't know about you, but I need to move things around or re-vamp every now and again to make me feel fresher all round. I've made my room very simple and calmly decorated. I really recommend making your bedroom somewhere where you actively want to go and make it a relaxing environment to be in. I do not have any technology other than the alarm clock in my bedroom and I would highly suggest you do the same! 

Image Source: Time2Sleep

I also have a new memory foam pillow that is designed for front and side sleepers (I am a side sleeper)*. It even has temperature control which means no flipping it over to get the cool side! It came with an eyemask which is great for sleeping because it has groves for your eyes so your lashes aren't pressed up against it (very annoying if you have extensions!). Mine was gifted by the lovely guys over at Time2Sleep, so if you think you need a new one, I'd suggest checking them out! 

I'd personally really recommend getting a decent pillow, eyemask and suitable duvet (depending on the time of year), to make sure that the basic things are covered! 


Now this is a weird one. I found ASMR a very bizarre trend when it first started. It kind of creeped me out. However, I then stumbled across one designed to make you feel sleepy and it was so strange but really worked! It felt like someone was playing with my hair or something, so relaxing! If you are a sceptic (like I was), I'd recommend trying a few different ones to see how it goes. Granted this point goes against my no technology point, but if nothing else is working, might be worth a shot!

5. Reading

I always thought I hated reading. Turns out I hated being forced to read books by education that I had no interest in. I've recently got into it and have read 2 books in the space of a couple of weeks. However, the act of reading makes me so blimin' sleepy. It's definitely helped me fall to sleep recently and calmed my mind down after watching TV or being on my phone. Find a genre you find relaxing - maybe don't jump straight into horror books.

6. Mind Dump

I have a notebook by my bed which helps for when I have those annoying random thoughts whilst you are trying to go to sleep. You know, when you are just drifting off and think OH LORD I NEED TO CLEAN THE CAR OUT (I'll never do that, I hate cleaning that car out). But, before I would of then started google car cleaning products etc. Now, I just right it on my notepad as a to do, and carry on going back to sleep. It can also be useful (if you have a lot of stress going on), to write down everything that is in your head, rant about that irritating person at work, list all the things you'd love to yell in your ex's face and then put the book back in the draw and go back to sleep with an empty brain!

7. Essential Oils

Finally, essential oils. The well known Lavender oil has been shown to reduce stress and encourage sleep and relaxation. I put a couple drops on my pillow, a couple of times a week. This means it's not too strong, but still enough to get the desired effect. Others use a diffuser which they find really beneficial. 

Hope this helps in someway! Feel free to leave tips that have worked for you down below!

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