Tips For Dealing With Stress | 2019

Monday, 17 June 2019

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Tips For Dealing With Stress

Trying to figure out how to deal with stress? Or different ways to lower your stress levels. You have come to the right place. My life is somewhat busy. I work 3 days a week, study a full time MSc 2 days a week and I have a toddler (as well as family, friends and a boyfriend to think of). I also have things in my personal life which add that little bit of extra stress! I regularly receive comments from people asking how have I not had a breakdown yet... Now don't get me wrong, I've had days where I've really struggled to cope, but they are quite minimal and in-frequent. I think I've always been the kind of person who has managed stress well, but recently I have definitely had to focus on ways to relax and de-stress more than before. These are some of the things that science says to do, as well as some of the things I have found worked well for me.

PS There is a video at the end if you fancy watching rather than reading!

Go Outside

Research has shown that even just viewing nature can improve a persons mood and relax them. However, going outside for a walk for even 20 minutes a day is shown to dramatically reduce stress as well as improve your over all health and wellbeing. Just maybe don't go with a toddler and a puppy. I tried that. It was total chaos. 

Talk To Someone

Your partner. Your friend. Your colleague. Your boss. Your Dog. Anyone will do, but just getting stuff off of your chest is such a relief. If you really don't want to discuss it with a person (or dog) then write all of it down. Get all your stress and anger out onto paper (or screen) and get it out of your head. Even if it only clears your head for 5 minutes.

Kiss / Cuddle Someone

Probably best to find someone you know for this one. You might have some issues if you start kissing people on the street! This seems a bit daft but research has shown that a kiss and/or cuddle can reduce stress and increase happiness. But lets not forget, not everyone has a partner (or wants to kiss strangers) so dogs are 100% included in this. Give your four legged friend a cuddle (or however many legs your pet has) if you prefer! 

Become a Plant-Parent

This also sounds a bit bizarre, but a study showed that a group of very stressed out students were less stressed and their blood pressure decreased by 4 points when they were in a room with plants. They're also shown to increase concentration and productivity! Read this article for more useful benefits to having plants in your home! 


Laughing always makes us feel that little bit lighter. If you are beyond stressed and feel like you don't have time to watch a funny show on Netflix or catch up with your hilarious friend, try things like listening to an amusing podcast on the way to work or when you're having a bath/shower!

'Me Time'

Sound a bit promiscuous when written like that, but hey - that probably helps too. But I was referring to taking a small part of your day or week just focus purely on yourself. I get that is hard with kids and life etc. But even if it's 20 mins in the bath reading a book and telling everyone else to leave you alone or face the consequences! Sometimes putting yourself first, helps you to help others in the long run.

Evaluate the Situation

This one is somewhat brutal but necessary. Evaluate what you are stressed about. Does it really matter? If it does, can you change it or help it in anyway? I found that because I was about something in my personal life, I then let every other little thing stress me out even more. Exams (which I am usually calm about) I was suddenly having a mild heart attack over and I was bursting into tears over anything (not like me at all). I then realised there was not a lot I could do to change the situation but I could change how much I let it affect me. 

Thanks for reading!

What do you find helps you to de-stress??

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