Autumn Trends : What I Love

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Okay first, it is mad that it's Autumn already... 
Not that I am complaining because it is probably my favourite time of year. I'm not one for summer because everything is bright, flowery and colourful... which is not really me at all.
Autumn however is me all over.

I love the fashion and the makeup. I'd rather be slightly chilly rather than too warm. I love jackets, boots and jeans but I'm not a fan of full on coats and umbrellas so Autumn is definitely more my thing! Any who... I saw Jaclyn Hill's recent video of a fall makeup look and it inspired me to do a post relating to the best time of month and what I love about it!


So some of the main trends to look forward to this autumn are berry coloured/dark lips (some 90's style ones in there too), bronzed eyeshadow, flushed cheeks and dark shadows/dramatic eyeliner. Apart from the flushed cheeks (not really much of a blush fan) these are all make up trends I love. I enjoy a good vampy look combining burgundy lips with a warm smokey eye and winged eyeliner. Here are some of the products I will getting my hands on or looks I will be attempting to rock!

Chanel Rouge Allure Intense Long-Wear Lip Colour in Pensive 

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