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Saturday, 16 July 2016

I mean just look at her makeup! *slay*

I'm sure you are all aware of Snapchat. The glorious app that lets us being even more nosey into each others lives. For me, this is great, I love seeing what other people get up to. Especially celebs or bloggers! It's nice seeing them in a less formal set up and just living their regular lives. 
I thought I'd compile a list of my favourite 'beauty guru' (bloggers/youtubers I love) snapchat names so you can head on over and be nosey too!

Jaclyn Hill (as pictured above as well as below)
Now, anyone that personally knows me, knows my obsession with Jaclyn. She is queen damn it. Honestly, the only person I 'fan girl' over. I've watched her videos for so many years now and I just love how weird she is, her make up skills are off the charts but its definitely her personality I love the most. Her and her husband Jon are just completely adorable and can't forget Frankie and Georgie the dogs obviously! Jaclyn's whole family are awesome! (tip: check out her snapchat at Christmas, her mum as mad Tree decorating skills). She's just her normal self on there, a lot of the time just chilling with her family but she's always the first snapchat story I will go to.

Manny MUA
So a close second is the fabulous Manny. Him and Jaclyn are friends which is how I came across him and he is just awesome. His makeup skills are flawless and he is bloody hilarious (and sassy... very sassy). Highly recommended checking him out if you've not done so already! 

Desi Perkins
So obviously aside from the fact she is stunning. Desi is also hilarious. She's even funnier on snapchat. Definitely one worth an add! You definitely get to know her a lot better through it.

Carli Bybel
Carli is another youtuber I have followed for a really long time. She is ridiculously stunning, I mean if anything it's a little depressing to witness... She has glorious hair and her boyfriend is a bit of a looker too. The girl has it all *sigh and self pity*. Carli comes across really down to earth and not at all stuck up which is always refreshing for someone who is that hot! I'm trying to find a flaw to make myself feel better but as of yet I have nothing... It's almost as if Kim K and Megan Fox had a baby (if that was possible) she would grow up to be Carli.

Karissa Pukas
Okay, so Karissa is another Youtuber that I have a bit of a girl crush on. She is so chilled out and frankly doesn't give a f***. Which I love. You know that one girl that you are just like 'she is so bloody cool, why am I not her? well that's what Karissa is to me. She dresses and does whatever suits her without being all in your face about it. She also donates a lot of unwanted makeup etc to women's shelters which I think is pretty darn thoughtful instead of having it just sat around. Karissa and her boyfriend Glen are super cute and once again can't forget the pooch Lola! Definitely worth giving her a follow and seeing what she gets up to day to day! 

Kathleen Lights
Kathleen is another youtuber I have followed for years. She is so down to earth and I love the fact that she will go on camera with no makeup and hair all over the place and simply not care... I mean she still looks awesome but thats not the point! She's also wonderfully weird...
Her snapchat features her 800 dogs which is great for me as an avid lover of pooches! Kathleen also does little mini videos in her snapchats such as clear out videos and mini hauls so definitely one to check out too.

Obviously these are all relatively well known in the beauty/internet world. So feel free to leave your snapchats or other bloggers snapchats down below so we can all share our lives over every platform!

Jaynie xx


  1. Woooow so beautiful!!

  2. I'm not on Snapchat and feel like I am missing a trick, need to sit down and work out how to use it!

    Found your blog as you commented on The Little Magpie, I absolutely love it and have subscribed on BlogLovin' :)
    Georgina Clarke x

    1. Snapchat is awesome! Just another way to be nosey.

      Thanks so much, followed you back :)


  3. I swear I'm one of the rare few who don't have SnapChat! LOL! I couldn't keep up and am struggling with maintaining Twitter and Instagram. I adore Kathleen Lights, yes, she's almost young enough to be my daughter but as you said, she's down to earth and very real.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

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