50 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Monday, 1 August 2016

When experiencing writers block, I end up googling for hours trying to come up with different blog ideas that genuinely interest me and that will interest others. Obviously, anyone that does any form of writing has times where they can't gather any inspiration. Sometimes it's good to not write anything rather than write poor quality posts. Other times you just need a bit of a kick up the ass to think of different ideas. I've created a list of things I've either read or that have popped in my head to help find inspiration for writers block . This post is focused on beauty blog ideas, a lifestyle post will soon follow!


- Top 10 drugstore products;
- Top 10 high end products;
- Everyday makeup routine;
- Go to 'clubbing' make up;
- Make up tutorials (smokey, pin up, bold lip, etc.);
- Makeup monthly favourites;
- Favourite pairings (liquid highlight with powder highlighter, etc);
- What's in my makeup bag?;
- Travel makeup;
- Nails of the day;
- Makeup hauls;
- Favourite makeup brand/one brand face;
- Empties;
- Eye makeup look;
- Favourite falsies (lashes);
- Makeup collection;
- Makeup organisation ideas;
- Makeup dupes;
- Makeup I regret buying;
- Get ready with me;
- Get unready with me;
- Skincare routine;
- Favourite tanners;
- Tanning routine;
- Favourite 5 (lipsticks, foundations, concealers etc);
- Makeup tips/tricks;
- Beauty trends I love;
- Beauty trends I hate;
- Beauty clearout;
- Makeup swatches;
- Makeup reviews;
- Product comparison;
- Current sales and offers;
- Favourite hairstyle;
- 5 minute hairstyle;
- How to clean your makeup brushes;
- Favourite makeup brushes;
- Hair inspiration (pinterest);
- Haircare tips;
- Skincare tips;
- Beauty DIY;
- Makeup inspiration (favourite celeb makeup inspo, pinterest inspo);
- Favourite nail brands;
- Favourite facemasks;
- Favourite skincare brand;
- Favourite fragrances;
- 'How to' ideas (how to make your eyes appear bigger, how to make your lips look bigger, etc);
- Flat lay photo tips;
- Best lighting for makeup photos;
- What camera I use to take makeup photos.


  1. woah, so many amazing ideas. i will surely come back to this post when i have a bloggers block.

  2. Wow, what a list! It's funny how many ideas come to you once you start thinking about it! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. I know, they kept popping in my head as I was writing this! xx

  3. I am not joking, I have just put up a post asking for content ideas!! Great post, thanks for the inspo, girl!

  4. Wah thanks for these ideas. :)


  5. These are great ideas, thanks. x

  6. This is an incredibly invaluable resource. Will be saving this for the future ;) xxx
    Sal | UmmBaby Beauty

  7. Brilliant post, I'm always on the lookout for more post ideas!

  8. I love this post. As a new blogger this is so helpful...thank you!


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