Body Bible by Clean Eating Alice: Review

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Today I bring yet another healthy eating book review. 
This book is called The Body Bible and is written by the ridiculously pretty, Alice Liveing (AKA Instagram fitspo girl previously known as 'Clean Eating Alice'). I've followed Alice on Instagram for a while now, she always posts her meals which look so good. I had clearly not been paying attention as I didn't know she even had a book out. I was just wondering around the book section in Tesco and recognised her on the cover of a book. After having a flick through I decided to purchase it (it was on sale!). 

This book is a mixture of healthy eating and fitness. My last book review which was about Eat Pretty (find it here) which is another 'health' book, but focused heavily on the food and nutrition side. The two books are very different which is why I decided to go ahead and purchase this one as well. 

This is not a diet book

I am not at all interested in fad diets or calorie counting. In fairness, I am a naturally smaller person, so there would be no point in me looking into 'lose weight fast' schemes. 
I do however, want to be healthy. I can tell when my diet has started to become rubbish because I feel the affects pretty quickly. When I eat a lot of junk food I feel bloated, lethargic and often get headaches. For the reasons why I like to try to eat healthier as well as tips to getting healthy read my previous post here.  

The Review:

The beginning of this book is an introduction to Alice and her motivations behind a healthy lifestyle. She explains that she was doing it to feel better on 'the inside' after trying all the fad diets that never really worked or lasted. It continues to explain about her family and the changes that they made to their diets following her sister being diagnosed with Diabetes as well as Alice's unhealthy relationship with food. I won't lie, I quite often skip introductions, but this one I was quite interested to know why she decided to change her lifestyle.

The rest of the book is split into sections, recipes and exercise. Recipes is categorised further into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The exercise chapter is broken down into specific target areas of the body, all which can be toned and worked on from home (minimising the 'I hate the gym' excuse). The penultimate page of the book provides Alices' weekly workout regime. This is great for people like me who are lazy and don't want to think of their own or pay for a personal instructor.

The recipes: Okay, I am a fussy eater, but I am definitely getting more adventurous with age. This means that often I will look through cookery books and dislike the majority of recipes. However, at the start of the food section there are pages for 'essential foods'. Almost all of the foods listed (photographically listed) I love... and almost all of the recipes included some or all of these ingredients. After having a read through, I wanted to cook up pretty much all of the meals (or at least ask the boyfriend if he would). I'm a very 'basic chef' but even I could tackle these meals easily. There isn't 100 ingredients or high level skill required to cook any of the food she provides, which I love. Most of them are quick and simple! The only negatives I could say regarding the recipes is that a lot do contain chicken, fish and some other meats which isn't ideal for vegetarians/vegans. However, these could be substituted for alternatives that suit dietary requirements. I love avocado, eggs, spinach and chicken... there are a lot of recipes including these throughout so if you're not a fan then you may not like as many meals as me. But you will definitely still have options! 
I really like the way they are split into breakfast etc. so you can head straight to the section you want without faffing around. 

Overall I'd give the recipes a 9/10. There was only one sweet option so for those who love their desserts they would probably like a desert section. This doesn't really bother me but I know the cake craving is the hardest bit for a lot of people. My favourite meals (it was hard to narrow down) that I'm looking forward to making are: 

-Chicken Nuggets (healthy chicken nuggets?! um, yes please)
- One-Pot Chicken and Chorizo
- Roasted Tomatoes & Avocado on Sourdough Toast (simple but glorious)
- Teriyaki Steak Skewers 
- Grilled Portobello Mushrooms
- Sweet Potato Fritters.  

The exercise: I dislike exercise. It's something that I have a very dysfunctional relationship with. Once I'm in the routine of the gym etc, I'm really good and I do enjoy it. But it doesn't seem to take much for me to fall off the wagon. I also really don't like my gym... it's full of men in teeny tiny vests who spend most of the time panting and looking in the mirror, this doesn't help. I have to walk 20 minutes to get there which isn't something I want to do after work.

This part of the book is broken down into different areas of the body. This is great for people who just want to target that one wobbly bit to start with. The majority of these exercises can be done at home (which is definitely good for me), others do need a barbell/weights/kettle ball etc. None of them require large gym machines or equipment, they are things that you could look into buying and keeping at home if you wanted. 
Each of the exercises give you images and descriptions of how to do them, along with the reps. I found this really useful as my knowledge on working out is very limited so the pictures definitely helped. All the moves are pretty simple to do and I wouldn't say they are 'intimidating' to newbies of the fitness world. 

I would give the exercise section of the book a 8/10. The only reason it isn't a 10 is due to not everyone having access to barbells etc at home. Saying this, there is still a mixture of exercises so people are still able to complete a lot of the moves at home. I like that she put in her own personal weekly workout as well, just to give us clueless folk some ideas!


I would give this book a 8.5/10. There really aren't many negatives to this book. If anything I wish it was just longer and had more recipes and exercises in it, but that's only because the ones that are in it are really good. Personally, I really do like this book and will definitely be putting it to use (especially for my upcoming holiday to Marbella - woo!). There isn't loads of complicated jargon or intimidating language that might put some people off. I'd say if you are looking to start having a healthier lifestyle then I would give this book a try! I will definitely be looking into more of her books too!

all images taken by me of a hard copy of the Body Bible Book

Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live in. - Alice.

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  1. Alice looks like she practises what she preaches---she's glowing!

  2. There are so many 'health etc' books around now, it's hard to choose which are good! The recipes don't seem too restricting in this one - I hate it when there are no carbs!! Thanks for sharing lovely

    www.Barely There | British Beauty & Lifestyle blog


  3. I've heard good things about this book but like you, I'm quite a fussy eater and I worry I won't find many good recipes to follow!

    Neelam // x

  4. This sounds like something that would make a good gift too. I know quite a few people who would appreciate this book :)

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