How to: Leave clickable links in comments & add Instagram to your blog

Sunday, 7 August 2016

How to:

I'm not sure whether I'm just particularly slow, or whether it's just not that easy to find. When I started blogging, I wanted to leave comments on lots of people's posts, but I also wanted them to have the option to check out my blog if they fancied. I found that when I was nosing at other peoples comments, I was way more likely to click on the ones with links straight to their blogs, rather than the ones that would involve copy and pasting the url. 
I love Instagram, it's definitely my favourite form of social media (follow me here). I think it's because I'm nosy and also a massive fan of photography, so it's kind of a winning combination for me. We all know we glance at those pages of people we haven't seen in years, or perhaps those people we aren't necessarily a fan of (...for no reason at all other than nosey-ness). For example, I know that because my link to my blog is in my Instagram, that certain people are reading my blog. At first I didn't want this... But then I was like HEY, thanks for upping my views. Anyway, sidetracked a little. I think being able to look at bloggers Instagrams is great. You get an insight into the person and another way of communicating. I also think that blogs look great with a grid or slide show etc. of their Instagram on the front page, allowing for easy access with just one click. 

I've put a simple how-to together for leaving clickable comments and adding Instagram to your page. Just for those who aren't quite sure! 

Leaving clickable comments:

To leave a comment on a post is pretty simple. But to leave your link easily accessible within that comment requires HTML. Here are the simple codes you need:

 <a href="">Jaynie's Blog</a>

It will display as Jaynie's Blog

Obviously you can write what you like within the html (between the > and <), so if you could change it to for example and that would be the clickable writing, or whatever you want! 

Another tip, instead of having to write html every time. You can add it as a keyboard shortcut. I have a Macbook and I just went into keyboard shortcuts, added 'JS' as the incorrect and the HTML as the correct. So now I can leave my link easily without the fuss of copying and pasting. 

Adding Instagram to your blogger page:

Go to: Snapwidget

Sign into your Instagram through this website and then choose the layout of how you want the widget to look on your blog. When you've chosen it will then give you a html code for it. Log in to Blogger, and then go to Layout and then Add Gadget. Add the HTML/JavaScript option and then copy over that code produced from Snapwidget. Click okay, put it where ever you want to on your blog. Save and you are done :)



  1. Great post, I first started to use Snapwidget before my current blog template and it was a lifesaver!

    Anika |

  2. Ah this is so perfect for those who are unsure on how to implement this! Brilliant little bit of advice :). I'm lucky as for my blog I use squarespace, so it takes the hard work out of it all!..

    Katie // Words by Katie

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