August Favourites

Friday, 2 September 2016

I feel like I haven't really switched it up this month, so, there's not a big pile of favourite items but I've thrown together a few!

Beauty Favourites

The Body Shop Shea Hand Cream - I have very dry hands and have a bad habit of picking the skin around my nails so I've been trying hard to not do so. The smell of this location is so good! But then I'd expect nothing less for The Body Shop!

Kiko Outdoor Bronzer in Technical Honey - I did a massive shop online at Kiko as they had an amazing sale on. I bought this bronzer and I love it! It's not too dark and smells like chocolate. The palette is huge and has a big mirror within it as well. Definitely recommend this if you are light/medium toned skin.

Kiko Super Gloss in 113 - I bought this gloss in a couple of different shades. I haven't used the other one as of yet, but I've been loving throwing this over a nude lipstick. I thought it was going to be too crazy for me, but it just makes your lips look super shiny! 

Ofra Liquid Lipstick - I love this liquid lipstick and I am beyond annoyed at it at the same time. The packaging came off almost immediately so I have no idea which colour it is. I bought a few of them and I know this is the lightest shade. So if you can figure it out from the photo, let me know! 

Anastasia Beverely Hills Chocolate Brow Gel - This isn't exactly a new product or one that people aren't aware of. I never used eyebrow gel, I thought it was a cliche product that was pointless! Turns out I was wrong... I feel like I want to get the clear gel in the future instead, but definitely a good consistency. 

Victoria Secret Roll on Perfume in Bombshell - I love this perfume. I have the spray version too but it's just run out. I am going to have to wait 'til next pay day to replace it :( Until that point, I will be using this roll on. It's really compact so you can keep it in your bag and put it on whenever you fancy. 

Favourite Music

Again, I've been over-listening to Don Broco but as they were in my last month favourites, I feel like I shouldn't include them in this month! 

We Came As Romans - I've definitely over played this band. They are a post-hardcore (apparently - there are too many genres out there!) band from America. My favourite song is 'hope', if you like bands similar to Mephis May Fire then you should give them a listen to!

Favourite TV

Made in Chelsea (South of France) - Now, I know 'reality TV' gets a lot of slack and people who watch it are automatically judged by those who don't. Frankly, I don't care. I love Made in Chelsea, it's the only reality program I've actually stuck with. Yes, I know there a lot of moments that are staged etc. but so what? It's entertaining just like programs that are drama or romcom. I love the South of France series currently underway, but I'm annoyed Steph left (not that I blame her for it) and that there isn't a whole lot of Binky being shown as she is my favourite

Favourite Moment

Newcastle - I went to Newcastle with a few girls from University that I've not seen in a while for Bank Holiday. I had such a good time, although we were a tad hungover to do much in the day time! I've also come back with a painful knee from a bouncer falling on me... But other than that, it was awesome! 


  1. Great selection of products! x

  2. Great post! I found your blog through Bloglovin' and so glad I did, it's so cute! I can see so many similarities in our choice of makeup...means we have good taste right? Haha. I've only recently heard of Ofra and their lip glosses but not about the packaging! That's so annoying! xx

    1. Aw thanks! I'd say it definitely does! It's a shame about the packaging, hopefully it was just an issue with the individual one I got. xx

  3. I really need to try that body shop hand cream.. great post! You have a really wonderful blog here, keep up your amazing work lovely! x

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