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Tuesday, 27 December 2016


I have already reflected on the year with my previous post 'what 2016 has taught me', however, due to the nature of that post, it had a little negative energy in it. As I have no patience for negativity, I thought I'd follow it up with a highlights of the year. This post contains specific days, trips and moments as well as general positives from the year! Leave your highlights in the comment section so I can have a read of yours too :)


I have completed a full year within my job. I really like my day job, and although it's not what I originally thought I'd be doing (think every 24 year old also knows this feeling), it is something I enjoy. I guess you could say that it is my 'first adult job'! I really appreciate this, as there are a lot of people my age struggling to find any job. I love to write and of course would love to do it as a career, and maybe one day I will, but for now I enjoy the job I have and love the fact that it helps others.


This one is stepping on the toes of my previous 2016 post, however, it's definitely an important one. I feel like this year I know who my true friends are and who I will be stuck with for life. I don't know if it is because I am getting old, but I'm thoroughly enjoying having a handful of great friends rather than a massive group of acquaintances.


Earlier on in the year, I went to Fuengirola/Marbella with my best friend from University. I wrote a post on the trip to Fuengirola here. It was definitely
a highlight of the year. We had so much fun there and both decided that when we are old and grey, we will move out there to retire and chill out. It's definitely a place I would recommend going to if you get the chance.  

Pre-Christmas Day:

You may have seen my previous post about putting the Christmas tree up. This was hands down, one of the most fun days I had this year. Me, Chloe and Gina put the tree up at my flat and had a mini Christmas day. Although it was right at the end, it definitely deserved a mention in this post!

Download Festival:

I went to Download with Gina in June of this year. If you know anything about this years Download, it will be that the weather was a complete nightmare. Don't get me wrong, it's always terrible when this festival is on, but it took it to a whole new level this year. Literally, the second we pulled up in the car park, it DOWN POURED and didn't stop the whole time. We had no dry clothes or food and drowned in mud the entire time. However, Download is awesome and we have booked to go again next year! (But I will put a black plastic bag over my rucksack next time...)

Bought a puppy:

If you have me on Twitter (JaynieShannonx) or Snapchat (Jayniexo), then you will know I have a dog named Kevin. He is a jug puppy (half jack russell, half pug) and will be a year old in February. He's so bloody tiny and has the funniest underbite. Don't get me wrong, having a puppy is expensive and a bit of a nightmare (put me off having children for life), but he is so cute that he obviously gets a mention. I still love big dogs, they will always be my favourite, however, as I live in a flat, a smaller dog just seemed more appropriate. 

Los Angeles:

I went to Los Angeles with my family in February of this year for 2 weeks. It was awesome to get away for a long holiday with them as it had been a while since my brothers accident. The weather was great and we went to Disney, which is always fun! Plus, I'm a massive fan of US food, I would 100% be massive and live in iHop if I lived over there! Feel free to read my post on my trip to Los Angeles here for more detail on what we got up to!


I couldn't forget starting my blog. I technically started many years a go and would flit on and off with writing. However, this year, I decided to focus on it properly around June. I always put it off because of negative, judgemental people, potentially having a say on it. Then, I realised I do not care about their opinions and went ahead with blogging. It is something that I love to do and is going really well so far. I have worked with companies and spoken to some great, creative people. I love being able to share content and read others posts. It is 100% a positive for 2016 and something I plan to keep up for a long time! 

Look out for the upcoming '2017 Goals' and '2016 favourites', coming soon!



  1. Lovely post!! You've inspired me to do mine own 2016 favourites :) xo

  2. Sounds like you've had a great year! Negativity and negative reactions from people I know are what put me off of starting my blog for SO long, but finally towards the end of this year i decided not to care and I'm so pleased I did. Kevin's underbite is so cute! xx

    1. It's not been too bad! I know, but if anything it just helps you know who the people you don't need in your life are! Good friends support :) Haha, thanks, bless him! xx

  3. i have to say, 2016 was not my year really which is why i enjoy reading about other peoples highlights so much. the trips you took sound amazing. i really want to get back to the us asap.

    1. Oh no, that's a shame! Hopefully 2017 will be a little better for you :) Best wishes xx

  4. Looks like you've had a wonderful year! And oh my gosh that overbite is to SO adorable, I love him!
    Caitylis xxx

    1. It's been good! Haha thanks, he's definitely unique looking! xx

  5. Putting up your Christmas Tree was the best day ever!!! xx


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