Anastasia Beverly Hills: Modern Renaissance Review / Swatches

Saturday, 7 January 2017

I finally have it. I have been after this palette since it came out. But, living in England means that getting hold of many 'cult' products, often proves to be very difficult. I considered shipping it from the US and paying the charges but it worked out pretty pricey and it was still out of stock a lot of the time. I went to Los Angeles in February this year and dragged everyone to all the stores I could think of that stock it, still with no luck. However, Anastasia Beverly Hills has launched a UK website, which I squealed out loud about. I wanted to get a few liquid lipsticks, but they were out of stock, however, this bad boy was in stock. I purchased it without even thinking, and I do not regret it. Keep reading to see the modern renaissance palette review with swatches

Left to right = Top row of palette left to right
Tempera: This swatch doesn't really show up very well in photos as it is very similar to my skin colour. It is a pale, matte, peachy toned beige. It's a great nude colour and is good if you want a crease colour purely to add other shades on top of that will then blend well. 

Golden Ochre: This is a yellow toned, ultra-matte colour. I've used it a few times to have a warmer crease, blending shadow. I really like this colour and it's very pigmented, like all of the colours in this palette.

Vermeer: A light, metallic shadow. I love this as an inner corner highlight or all over the lid for a very light makeup look.

Buon Fresco: This colour is a muted lavender/purple colour with an ultra-matte finish. It's a pretty colour, but probably not one I'd reach for often as I'm more of a neutral person.

Antique Bronze: This is a deep brown with a metallic with a satin finish. 

Love letter: Love letter is a ultra-matte raspberry colour. I'm not usually into pink tones, however, this colour is deep enough to work into a smokey eye to make it look a little different.

Cyprus Umber: A very dark brown 'coffee' colour. This is a beautiful shade and great for smoking up any eye look. It's a great alternative to black to warm up a smokey eye. It is also an ultra-matte shade.

Left to right = bottom row of palette, right to left

 Realgar: This is described as a 'Brick' colour, which I'd say is spot on. It's an orange/brown shade with an ultra-matte finish. I love this for a very warm crease colour.

Warm Taupe: This is a medium taupe colour with an ultra-matte finish. This is an awesome crease/blending colour and can be picked up separately too which is always good!

Venetian Red: This is a very different colour to anything I have in my collection. It is a beautiful crimson with an ultra-matte finish.

Red Ochre: This shade is a more deep red colour with an ultra-matte finish. The previous colour is far more berry coloured. I think Red-Ocre maybe one of my favourites!

Primavera: This shade is a Shimmery gold dust with a metallic finish. I am a metallic eyeshadow girl at heart, in particular gold shades, so I love this one!

Burnt Orange: This is a deep orange with an ultra-matte finish (again). As with a lot of the colours, this is an awesome crease colour. This is also available as a separate :)

Raw Sienna: Raw Sienna is a light-medium brown with warm undertones. This was the one I was most excited for but (because I have terrible luck) it came with a massive chunk out of it, like someones finger had gone into it. Ignoring that, it is still a great shade with an ultra-matte finish.

*Photos were taking using natural lighting*


Overall... I bloody love this palette. It is a very warm toned palette, which is right up my street. It provides so many different eye looks. The pigmentation and formula are very similar to Lorac Pro (which I'm also a massive fan of). I'm very happy I purchased this palette, I got mine from the Anastasia Beverly Hills UK website for £41. I know it is also available on CultBeauty and BeautyBay if you are struggling to find it in stock.

I'm going to be doing some makeup looks using this palette, including the one I used on NYE which was a very dark, sultry, smokey eye. 

Do you have this palette? What do you think of it?

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  1. I have heard so many great things about this palette, I need to get it! The colors look so beautiful!

    Rachel |

    1. It's definitely not just a 'hype' product. It's really good xx

  2. So glad you were finally able to pick up this ABH palette... it remains one of my favorites and the antique bronze is my go-to smokey eye shade! Love the swatches too!

    xx Heather |

    1. Same! It's definitely worth the hefty price tag xx

  3. I've had my eye on this palette for a while now and this post has made me want it even more! So pretty :')

    Neelam | xx

    1. You should definitely go for it. It's probably my favourite palette now! (and I have an obscene amount) xx

  4. I cannot believe you got your hands on it! so jealous! Vermeer is a beautiful shade, I can see myself using that one constantly! It's so expensive though argh!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. Haha it only took like a year but I managed it! It's one I always go for as well. It isn't cheap but you only use the TINIEST amount because its so pigmented, so it will last a while xx

  5. The colors are damn beautiful! Need to list this in my wishlist too!

    Atheera /

  6. i really need this palette in my life, the swatches are stunning!
    jen | velvet spring

  7. This palette is truly gorgeous, those shades are stunning I can't believe how bright they are!

    Lauren x

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