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Friday, 12 May 2017

I have been trying to save lots of dolla recently due to the offspring I'm going to be producing in September. Because of this, I haven't discovered very many new products recently. However, there have definitely been a hand few of items that I have reached for more than others. I've decided to do 'current favourites' from now on, rather than monthly, as it's unlikely I will have different favourites every few weeks now!

What I have been loving recently:

Witch Hazel Naturally Clear Blemish Stick:

My hormones have been completely crazy since becoming pregnant. This means that my skin has been somewhat of a nightmare. I'm not sure when this 'glowing pregnancy' lark kicks in, but I am far more 'spotty teenager' currently. I have been trying to manage this, as obviously piling on the pounds and having bad skin doesn't make you feel super sexy, even if you have a pretty legitimate reason for it.
I re-discovered this little beauty when trying different things to help with the spots. As soon as I feel one coming on, I put this product on it and it helps minimise the size. It almost feels like it dries out the spot. I definitely notice that spots disappear quicker when I use this product. However, word of warning, do not get it on a spot you've picked or a cut... it stings like a bitch.

This product is really great for controlling angry spots and it's super affordable, usually between £1.50-£2.50 depending on offers. I am definitely going to try more products from this brand as I love this item!

Mac - Japanese Maple / Creme D'Nude:

I love these lipsticks. I always have. I have included them in this current favourites due to mixing it with the next lip product (below). They are really creamy and feel great on the lips. I am very naturally pale, so these are both light enough to work as great nudes for me. Creme D'Nude being ever so slightly lighter than Japanese Maple. In all honesty, I'm trying to not use mac much these days. I used to be obsessed with the brand, but I always get really bad service in store and it's put me off. (Not saying all mac employees are bad, I'm sure there are some awesome ones, just the three stores I have been on have been pretty poor. They quite often they look massively understaffed, so when you are able to find a member of staff, they are usually stressed and not too happy to help - understandably.)

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick - Baby Doll:

I have had this product for quite a while, however, after a couple of uses I gave up on it. As much as I love the colour (super pale, nude), the formula is so drying. However, then one day I had a bright idea of putting this on, waiting for it to dry and then throw on another product, then bam, it was perfect! I mostly use it with the two Mac shades above, however, I have also been loving throwing a gloss over top too.

Marc Jacobs, Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara:

Weirdly, I don't ever purchase volume mascara... I am all about length (ha). However, I was given a few tester mascaras by a friend, so obviously gave them a go. It turned out that I ended up really liking this mascara. There is no transfer onto the underneath of my eye (which is super common with me and mascara) and it is very black. I do prefer it combined with another mascara just to add some length, but overall I really like this product (shame about the price tag though!).

Morphe Brushes - Rose Collection:

I have always been a fan of Morphe brushes. They are great for the price and their sets make buying brushes easy. I bought the Rose Gold collection as soon as I saw it online (as I am a sucker for anything rose gold) and I ended up loving it. The brushes do malt slightly, but I haven't noticed it any more than the other brushes I own. My favourite one definitely is the angled bronzer brush, great for contouring!

What have you been loving recently? Have you tried any of these?



  1. These are some great picks! the NYX lingerie shade is super pretty x

  2. Great picks, I love the look of the NYX shade, but the formula doesn't sound great!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. I love your round-up! I've had the same experience with mac sales employees... I have yet to find a store with nice people! xx


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