How to: Plan, Write and Promote a Blog Post

Monday, 10 July 2017

I love reading blogging tips from all the wonderful bloggers out there, both big and small. I don't think the number of followers has much to do with it, I just enjoy seeing the different ways people approach blogging. I thought I would write a post on the process I go through to plan, write and promote my blog posts. I'm not saying this is the 'correct way', it's just my way! Feel free to let me know what you do in the comments below, it may give me some ideas!


Every time I have an idea for a blog post, I will either jot it down in my phone notes, or if I am already on the computer, I will write a draft title post of what I want to write with some brief points (while it is still in my head - I have a terrible memory). If I am struggling to find motivation or ideas for creative content, I will head online to help me. I have my own blog post ideas within the blogging tips section which I review regularly, as well as going to Pinterest, Instagram and BlogLovin' to see if anything sparks my imagination. It's great to take inspiration from other bloggers, just make sure you write your own, individual content! Copying is not cool guys.

Planning isn't something I excel in, I've always worked better just going with the flow. However, I have been planning my posts recently and found that it helps to get regular content out. I tend to schedule 2-3 posts at a time. I know some bloggers have loads planned, but I prefer to only do a few. I then pop these post ideas over onto my calendar (I just use the built in iPhone one currently), to see how it all looks and to remind myself to write them! I'll also try to make sure I have a mixture of recent content. I would try to avoid having very similar style posts one after the other, for example, three reviews of products in a row. My blog is both beauty and lifestyle, so I like to make that obvious throughout the content. I tend to post on Wednesdays and Sundays, but I do mix this up and don't stick to it 100%. I prefer to post when I feel at my most creative.

Writing the blog post:

I always start with the writing element first, rather than the photography. I know this is mainly preference, but I feel that once I have the post planned and written, I then know how I want my photography to look for it. I also having been preferring writing to photography recently, so I feel I'm more motivated to take photos if I have a post ready and waiting to go!

I tend to write my posts in the evening. I'm not much of a morning person, so I'm far more likely to make errors when I write during the early hours of the day. In regards to the quality of the writing, I make sure to spell check my work using the built in feature, before I post. Spelling isn't a particular worry for me, I've never had too much of an issue with it, but I like to double check just in case! If you struggle with grammar, the software grammarly may benefit you. I have written a previous post on how to improve the quality of your writing for your blog, so I won't go into too much detail here. 

I flick between my Olympus Pen E-PL7 and my Lumix LX-10 to take my photos. I don't use my iPhone as my storage is constantly full and I prefer the quality of my camera images. Due to my colour theme being white and bright, I tend to use either my furry white throw, a white surface or marbled paper for a background to my images. I also try to take these in the day time for the best light, which is a lot easier now it is summer! I do have a ring light and soft boxes for when this just can't be done. I have written a post on how I edit my pictures  previously, so more detailed information can be found there. But, I mainly use FaceTune on my phone to edit them. It's super easy to whiten and brighten as well as accentuate any details that you want attention to be drawn to in the photo. I then use Air Drop to send them back to my Mac and do any further editing using PicMonkey. I do have Photoshop, but I'm quite lazy and rarely use it!  
I have also began to make sure I have a main image and then a separate image to use for Pinterest to be linked with. 

Promoting content:

Again, I have a post which is about how I got 1000 BlogLovin' followers in 6 months. This has a lot of information about social media and promotion if you want to give it a read. 

Social Media:
I used different forms of social media to promote my posts, but I don't go over the top with how often I promote. I tend to do one promotion on Instagram and one on Twitter once I have posted. I may increase my Twitter one to two times instead as it is easy to miss tweets. I also use BlogLovin' a lot which also brings a lot of traffic. Pinterest is something I am trying to build on and work harder with as it can make a massive difference to traffic. In fact, the post that has (by far) the most 'reads', is one that got re-pinned hundreds of times on Pinterest and the majority of traffic comes from that. Instagram used to be my main form of promotion and traffic, but we all know that Instagram is borderline impossible these days. I still use it as I do enjoy the app, but I definitely don't use it as often and don't rely on it for blogging anymore. 
Many people also schedule their social media. This is not something I currently do, I prefer to be more present, however, it is something I may look into in the future as it does have it's benefits.

My social media -

Writing about current hot topics and trends is an obvious way to drive more traffic. If there is a new product that everyone wants, is hard to get and you managed to get your hands on it, write a review! People love to know others opinions, especially if they haven't purchased the item yet. Trends can also be what kind of posts do well on your blog. For example, my most read post was a Morphe 35O palette tutorial, so I have this in my mind to do similar posts, such as an ABH tutorial in the future. My 'how to' and 'tips' posts, also do very well, so I try to keep these regular. 

I find that the main way I get an audience and comments to my blog is by engaging with others in the blogging world. I read a lot of blog posts and every time I read one, I comment on it (providing it's not one of those 'fill in the form' type comment boxes). I don't comment rubbish, or spam, or say COME TO MY BLOG. I read the post and I write a comment that is saying my thoughts on the post. I do make sure that I have a clickable link to my blog at the bottom of my comment, so that if people are having a browse for new content to read, they may stumble across my little space on the internet. If you don't know how to do this, I also have a blog post telling you how to leave clickable links within comments here. Using twitter is also a great way to be engaged and come across new content. But for the love of god people, don't spam. That is not what I am suggesting!

Side note: I'm also trying to be more aware of SEO and teach myself more about this area to drive traffic. I do customise my permalinks to help with google searches.

What tips do you have when it comes to writing blog posts? Will you use any of these?



  1. I always try to remember to write down any ideas for blog posts I have because I'm terrible for forgetting them otherwise x


    1. I have to write everything down! Absolutely no hope otherwise. xx

  2. Engaging with bloggers and readers I find is one of the best ways to invite them to read your blog (oh god that sentence was awful). I notice that when bloggers reply to comments I'm much more likely to comment myself and come back for future posts. It just feels much more inviting. I also love seeing how people design their blogs (I adore yours it's just so clean!) And Twitter has actually been great for connecting with people. Loved reading this! xx

    -Sophie | Cherries & Perfume ♡

    1. I agree. I've found engagement to be the best. Not only do you get to know people, people get to know your blog. Win-win really! Thanks, I'm not a colourful person - my blog reflects that hahaha! xx

  3. Lovely post. I love reading about how bloggers approach content making for their blog. it's always nice to pick up tricks and i just like hearing about it because I am nosey that way haha. I personally find that pre writing posts (A lot of them) as well as having a blog schedule has saved me and helped me be consistent. It's always tricky keeping up consistency during uni. I'm about to enter my last semester and I've doing lots of prep work to ensure I keep up consistency. Promoting blog posts is definitely the most difficult time consuming part of it though. Lovely post. x

    1. Thanks lovely. I'm nosey too haha, love other peoples blogging tips. I've started pre-writing recently and it definitely helps. I'm going on maternity leave soon so will need to pre-write some stuff for when the 'arrival' happens! hahaha xx

  4. Thanks for sharing! For me, it's the promoting where I lack. Although I'm on social media a lot, I just never promote enough x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. I lack in this area too! I don't think anyone is perfect. All takes time! There always seems to be one area I am doing well in and one I am slacking in! xx

  5. I love seeing how people blog, these are actually my favourite posts to read I think.
    I agree that commenting on posts is definitely so important, and a brilliant way to make friends as blogging can be surprisingly lonely! xx

  6. I actually ask my instagram followers what they would like to read about.
    I also plan my post and write my intro last!
    Set to Glow

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  8. This is really useful! I'm trying to get into using pinterest as I heard it can be quite useful, I've also not used facetune before xx

    Velvet Blush

  9. What a helpful blog post! I am still learning working with brands and never schedule blog posts - I need to start doing it x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  10. This is a really great post which takes you through ever step - so helpful! Not going to lie though, I find promoting such a ball-ache although I know I need to up my game and get on pinterest!

  11. Hi great tips thanks . I read loads of blogs but admit I don't always comment , however I will now 😀 Emily

  12. Awesome, helpful post. I love your blog, especially your photography for your posts!

    April x

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