Homeware Wishlist | September '17

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

I love homeware shopping. It is definitely my favourite kind of shopping, even over make-up (shock-horror!). I've noticed a lot of the shops are stocking new season homeware in, so I thought why not make a wishlist of all the stuff I'd purchase if I had the money (sadly I don't)!

Homeware Wishlist

1. Rose & Orange Blossom 3 Wick Candle -

I love candles and I love copper, so this is the perfect little table decor for me! I've also smelt the Rose & Orange Blossom candles in store and they are glorious. I love Next Homeware for odd bits and bobs to dot around the house.

2. Unearthered Pineapple Print Jewellery Dish -

I have a habit of taking of braclets, rings, eyelashes etc and leaving them wherever I was stood at the time. I want to get a little plate to keep next to my bed to have a place for these random items and this is adorable - and super cheap!

3. Glass & Metal 'Life is Beautiful' Sign -

I love having pointless stuff that you don't need around the flat, and this is one of those items! It's pretty much as colourful as I will go and it would look great hung up in my hallway.

4. Premier Housewares Chopping Board, Marble -

I don't like my current chopping board, it is just plain wood. I am keeping my eye out for different chopping boards and I think this one from Amazon might be a potential purchase!

5. Marble Travel Mug - 

I adore anything marble and I also love having a constant supply of green tea, so this travel mug is right up my street.

6. Camo Splatter Cushion -

I am not a pink girl (at all!) but this cushion is calling out to me to be purchased. I think out of everything this is the item I want the most! I love metallic touches and this is just a blimin' beautiful pillow!

7. Copper Pineapple -

I have an obsession with copper and with Pineapple (both decorative and eating the pineapple), so this is a winner for me. But, I won't lie, basically everything from Oliver Bonas I fell in love with.

8. Tonal Tumbler Glass -

I love this tumbler glass. It is nothing to crazy or out there, but it is just a little different to an ordinary glass. However, I would want 4-6 of them, and I'm not sure I'm willing to pay what that would cost sadly!

9. Wavy Patterns Pillow Case Cushion Cover (Grey) -

This is a super simple pillow case but I absolutely love it, it comes in lots of different colours and is super cheap!

10. Patterned White Mug -

This mug is adorable and is my favourite combination of monochrome with metallic. It's available in pink and black as well, just in case you're not into the white but like the design!

11. Jacquard-Weave Blanket -

I love a good blanket/throw! This one is beautiful and not too highly priced. The whole range that H&M have out at the moment is beautiful.

Anything you have had your eye on recently?

I've also just uploaded a video on my new YouTube Channel, it's a vlog if you are interested! Let me know if you subscribe below :)





  1. Recently I have became more and more obsessed with homeware, literally I need to win jackpot because I just want to buy everything pretty! xx

    1. I love it! I have always liked it but never bothered in University because the houses were awful, but since living alone, homeware is my favourite kind of shopping! xx

  2. I think I need to get myself to Wilko's, the little pineapple plate is adorable! I've been after something similar for my bedside table ♥

    1. It's so adorable, there are loads of little plates I like out there at the moment xx

  3. Fab picks! I love all the colours and anything with pineapples! x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  4. I love the patterned mugs, they look so pretty!

    Danielle xx

    1. They're so cute! They have a whole range I fell in love with xx

  5. wonderful post, love that camo spaltter cushion :)

  6. I LOVE interior design shopping too! Loving your picks, especially #7, as I'm obsessed with anything copper!

    Have an amazing day!

    xx Kris |

    1. I'm a sucker for anything copper too! I have so many copper items around my flat xx

  7. Love the wishlist! I have the marble travel mug! its brilliant :D

    Megan | | Fashion, Lifestyle and Parenting Blogger.

    1. Ooo do you?! I may need to purchase it! Xx


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