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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I was pregnant with a little girl for the past 9 months. Well, I have gone quiet on here as I went into labour last Wednesday (20th of September), which I think is a pretty good excuse for not blogging personally! Meet my daughter...
So, this how I brought Ryleigh into the world...

I didn't experience any pre-labor signs and Ryleigh was due on the 22nd, so when I started getting stomach pains around 7:30am on the 20th, I thought they were Braxton Hicks. However, they went from being one stomach pain every 10 mins, to 1 every 3 minutes in about 45minutes total. Then I realised these were definitely not Braxton Hicks and I quickly rang my mother to come back from work to take me to hospital! I got to hospital around 9am and was already in a fair bit of pain (enough to make me cry a fair bit), but didn't have to wait long to get into my own room. I was then moved into a different room with a water bath and no access to epidurals (after making it clear I wanted drugs and had no interest in a water birth). It was a very nice room with a large built in bath and a double bed, but when you're screaming in pain - you really don't care how nice the room is. I got in the bath and it did help the comfort for 'in between' contractions, but it made no bloody difference to the pain when they were kicking in. I then went into full blown labor and then started yelling for the strong drugs and they finally let me. This meant running me down the corridor at full speed in a wheelchair to go to a room where drugs were available, however, by the time the anaesthetist got to me, I was in full blown labor and it was too late. So it was a tiny bit of left over Pethadine and 'gas and air' (which is crap) for the arrival. I'm not going to sugar coat it, it was incredibly painful and not something I wish to repeat any time soon, however I managed to contain the 'pushing' section of labour to 20 minutes. Which I think is pretty impressive myself! My labor was a lot shorter than most women's first births, so I was lucky in that sense, as well as having no complications and minimal tearing. I was just unaware that the hospital could basically push you into a natural birth, which made it a little traumatic as it wasn't what I was expecting. 

I'm not someone who was known for their motherly nature and love of babies, but it is true that you love your own! It's different for all women, some are in love when the baby is still inside them, some as soon as they are born and some it can take some time to bond. I'd say I didn't really bond until it was literally just me and her which was later that night. Visiting hours ended at 8pm and I was kept in overnight due to no doctors being available 6 hours after to check on her, this meant it was just me and her (and the other lady and her baby who were also in the room). It is very weird being in charge of a tiny human that is unable to tell you what they need. I had never even been around a baby or held a baby before, so it was definitely being thrown into the deep end but I managed it! I was lucky that Ryleigh also decided to sleep pretty much the whole night... The next day my mum and best friend came to get me from hospital and we all came back to the house together with her.

Ryleigh is a week today and it feels like I've had her forever. She's a pretty well behaved baby so far (touch wood) and I personally think she is one of the cutest babies ever... I'm probably a little bias though. It's very weird how quickly you go into mother mode and how long you can run on pretty much no sleep. I did unfortunately get an infection which has made the healing process a little more long winded, but luckily that's what antibiotics are for. 

Day of birth

6 days old

So there it is, the reason for the delay in any blog posts!



  1. Oh my goodness what a cutie!!! Absolutely adore the hair on this little one xxx

    -Sophie |

  2. Awww, Ryleigh is adorable! Huge congrats! xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

  3. Congratulations on your beautiful bundle! God bless her!

  4. Congratulations, she's adorable!

  5. She's so cute, her hair is amazing! xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc. ❤️

  6. She is the cutest baby ever! I cannot wait to see her (and you lol) again soon xxxx

  7. Aww she really is adorable! Congratulations lovely :)

    The Makeup Directory


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