Easy Ways to Clean Your Makeup Brushes: Featuring The Brush Bar

Sunday, 15 October 2017

As much as I love make up, I am not a fan of cleaning my brushes. I know that it is important to do, but I always put it off. I have recently discovered a great little kit that makes cleaning brushes a lot less painful and speeds up the process!
Why should you clean your makeup brushes?

The main reason (in my opinion) to clean your brushes is for hygiene purposes. When you're using your brushes, they are collecting everything including bacteria and dead skin cells. The longer the gap in between cleaning your brushes, the more that these lovely things build up. This has been proven to be linked to damaging the skin and causing spots. Cleaning brushes also means that you get the colour pay off you are aiming for without accidentally mixing previously used products.

How often should you clean your makeup brushes?

It does depend on the person, for example, if you have a lot of spots and are suffering from acne/skin problems, you may benefit from cleaning your brushes after every use. If you have relatively good skin and you're only using the brushes on yourself, you can get away with 1-2 times a week (depending on how often you use the brush obviously).

How do I clean my makeup brushes?

I had been looking for different tools to make the cleaning process a little quicker and easier when I was contacted by the lovely team at The Brush Bar to try their Makeup Brush Care Pack. This pack includes 1 brush bar, 1 brush board and 1 brush bubbly (the items within the images below).

The pack provides a board of which allows you told hold the brushes while you wait for them to dry, a board with 6 different smaller patterned boards to clean your brushes and 1 bottle of bubbly cleaner.

This brush cleanser did a fabulous job, I simply wetted the brushes slightly, put some of this product straight on to the bristles and then swirled it onto the board. You can see the end results in the following photos, after only a few minutes of cleaning!

The sections provide different levels of cleaning which are explained on the useful card that comes with the board.

Dirty brushes, ready and waiting to be cleaned! 
The prongs are in different sizes to allow for different sized brushes, 2 large, 6 medium and 2 small.

As you can see from the photos, my brushes ended up lovely and clean! I tested these products on my most used and definitely most dirty brushes and they did a great job. I'd really recommend this set if you are like me and hate the mundane experience of brush cleaning. You can purchase the items separately as well if you don't fancy the whole set.

The Brush Bar have also provided a discount code to save you a bit of money:
For 15% off your first purchase :)

Do you have any makeup brush cleaning tips?

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*These items were gifted, however, the opinions within the post are my own and completely honest.


  1. This is such an amazing tool.
    Thanks for the introduction.

  2. I need something like this, I hate cleaning my brushes. I wish I had the money to buy new brushes every time!

    Danielle xx

  3. i almost screamed when you threw your brushes in the sink and actually turned on the water! loll i thought you were just going to warn not to do it, not actually do it :) Read about the best bottle brush cleaning sets reviews. Thanks!

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