October Favourites | 2017

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Welcome to my October Favourites post! I have a mixture of beauty, tv and music for you this month, so if you want to know what I have been loving then carry on reading! (Or just watch the video at the end if you prefer!)


I've chosen 3 palettes from Makeup Revolution that I have been loving this month; Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold, Stobe & Light and Sugar & Spice. These palettes are great for on the go if you want a selection of different blushes/highlighters, but you don't want to drag multiple items. They're also priced pretty well for the amount of colours you get!

I have had these eye shadows for ages in a Z Palette that got lost amongst all my makeup. I recently rediscovered them when I was organising everything and have 're' fell in love with them. They're super pigmented and easy to blend! 

This is another great item for if you are travelling. It contains 2 highlights (matte and shimmer) and two contour shades (one slightly warmer one neutral toned). It's small enough to travel with easily whilst still giving you a decent amount of product. The highlight is super pretty but not too intense, so it's great for an every day look.

This does what it says 'on the tin'. Keeps my makeup on and the 'spray' dispenser is really wide and doesn't just shoot you in the face ruining your makeup. It gets your whole face so you don't need to go too wild with the amount of spritz. 

This is another product from the brand B. I'd not heard of them until Superdrug gifted me some of their items (exclusively to Superdrug). I was impressed with every item I received and happy to find out they are vegan and cruelty free. This is a really nice liquid lipstick, it isn't sticky or drying to lips, instead it has a velvety texture which feels nice to apply!

Tatcha - Luminous Dewy Skin Mist -

When I first got this, I really wasn't sure what I thought about it. I didn't use it for a while and then started again this month and noticed that my makeup looked a lot more dewy when I spritz this on my face. I have finally decided that I really like this product, which is annoying as it isn't cheap! It doesn't prolong makeup, but it does take away the powdery look and gives you a glow. The only thing I would say is that I haven't used it that much and it ran out very quickly, whereas, the Urban Decay all night got used on a daily basis and took a very long time to run out!

Kiko Mini Baked Bronzer 01 - 

I think I've mentioned this product previously, but this is such a lovely warm bronzer to give you sun kissed look. It is a small product size wise but that doesn't bother me too much!

This is a tapered, fluffy brush. I love this for setting my under eye concealer, but it's also handy for highlighter and contouring if you only have one brush handy! It's also very high quality, as is usually the case for Sigma brushes.


How to Get Away With Murder

Okay, so I'm super late with watching this, but it is so good! I've watched the first 2 seasons on Netflix, but sadly I have missed season 3 which has been on TV recently. I'm really hoping Netflix put it up soon, I need to know what happened! I won't say too much as I don't want to do any spoilers for anyone, but it's basically a lecturer/lawyer who has 5 main students that help her with cases, but they also have some crazy shit happening with them too!

Music Documentaries

So, I watched the Chris Brown documentary and Lady Gaga 5 foot 2. I enjoyed them both a lot. I have never been a massive music fan of either of them, I don't mind some of their songs but that is about it. I actually watched them out of boredom to have something on the TV in the background but loved them both. I also ended up with a massive girl crush on Lady Gaga! I've only ever seen her dressed completely over the top, but she was stripped right back in this and it made for a really interesting watch! 


The All American Rejects - Sweat
Good Charlotte - War
Fall Out Boy - The Last of The Real Ones

What have you been loving this month?


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  1. I love a favourites post! I'm definitely gonna have to start watching how to get away with murder!
    Have a lovely day!
    -Cait xx

    1. Highly recommend it! It's one you have to concentrate on though, definitely no multitasking when its on! xx

  2. great faves! i heard that the show Howto get away with murder is really good

    1. It really is. I didn't bother even though everyone raged about it, wish I'd watched it sooner now! x

  3. I really enjoyed both the music documentaries too, I swear I'm so much more of a Lady Gaga lover now that I watched it, I have so much respect for her!
    jen, velvet spring x

    1. Me too! She was so much more down to earth than I thought and obviously has to deal with a hell of a lot! xx

  4. I'm obsessed with How to Get Away with Murder, season 3 was really good! I didn't know the All American Rejects were still making music to be honest, I'll have to check out their new stuff x

    1. I'm so annoyed I can't watch Season 3 yet! Yeah they never really stopped, but to be fair I didn't rate their last album... which is a shame as I was obsessed with all the others! xx

  5. I like the look of the Makeup Revolution palettes, they seem very pretty! xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

  6. Those blush palettes look so pretty! Really wish we had the brand in Canada.

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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