April Beauty Favourites '18

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Another month has been and gone. I love writing favourite posts, but it does tend to freak me out how quickly the months go by! This month I have picked out some of the products that I have been reaching for the most over the past 30 days. 

I enjoy having a tan, but I am not blessed with skin that tans naturally. So, I have to get mine out of a bottle. Due to my lazy nature, it's not a process that I particularly look forward to, especially wearing it overnight. This 1 hour express tan is right up my street, the colour looks great if you wash it off after the 1 hour mark, but you can leave it on if you want it a little darker. It makes the whole process a lot quicker and if you are going on a night out, you can use this instead of risking instant tan and the rain. The only downside of this product is that it does feel like an arm workout when you apply it. Although it is mousse, it doesn't apply that easily and you do really have to rub it in. 

I bought this on a whim in Los Angeles and I am so glad that I did! It is amazing. I love every colour in the palette. It's pretty much the palette that I would make if I ever had the opportunity to do so. The only colour I may add in would be a light, champagne colour for highlight, but then I do have highlighters to do this. I would happily wear any colour in this palette and the pigmentation is on point (as is always the case with ABH palettes). My favourite eyeshadow palette was Modern Renascence, which I did a full review of previously, but I think this one has just pipped it to the post.  I plan on doing a dedicated post to Soft Glam soon.

I don't usually wear a lot of pencil eyeliner, well, eyeliner in general. But a while ago I ordered some Tarte makeup from QVC and this eyeliner came with one of the bundles. I tried it out when I was bored and fell in love. It is a buttery pencil which blends really easily but doesn't budge once it's 'set'. I use it on the outer third of my eyelash line (upper lid), so give my eyes more of an 'almond' shape. I always smudge it out with the blending sponge at the end of the pencil. It's not the cheapest eye pencil at £19, but I do really love this! Although, you can probably tell as all the writing has come of the packaging!

I don't suffer with Acne per say, however, I do get hormonal break outs on my chin. Since being on the pill, this has been more than ever (joy). I purchased pretty much the entire Tea Tree range from The Body Shop and this is probably my favourite item. I am going to do a dedicated post on the range soon, but for now I will focus on this product! I wipe this over my chin before I go to bed and it calms down any spots that I may have, making them a little easier to cover the next day. After using this (combined with other items from the range), my skin cleared right up! However, I then went to America and ate all the greasy food I could, so now it has gone rubbish again, so I am back to using it daily!

I also bought this on a whim in the USA... I have no control when I am in a Sephora! I bought the duo which is a combination of Lightning Dust and Fire Crystal. I adore both of these shades and they work well with my pale skin. Lightning Dust is slightly more intense (and therefore my favourite, obviously). But both shades are gorgeous and I'm happy I picked this up!

I am pretty sure I have mentioned my love for these drops before, but good god they give you a glow and a half! I do actually prefer liquid products due to having dry skin, so this is definitely a favourite of mine. I either mix it with foundation or I dab it on the high points of my face (and maybe my shoulders, if I am feeling fancy). I have the shade Shine and this works well with my pale complexion. 

I also think I have mentioned this product before, but I am still loving it so I may as well mention it again! I never liked sponges for foundation, I avoided them and didn't understand the hype, until I tried this one! It doubles in size when its damp and makes your skin look flawless. I have a couple of them now and use it to blend my foundation out once it is applied. It works wonderfully!

Thanks for reading! What did you love over the month of April? Have you used any of these products? Let me know!

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*This post was written before transitioning to cruelty free products


  1. What a cool post and beautiful photographs. I keep seeing the Iconic highlighter but am yet to take the plunge..hmmm maybe it's time I should:)

  2. beautiful blog! I really like how you write
    and what you gie photos. wonderful!
    I have a question, you will agree to follow for follow?
    I like to be in touch with inspirational blogs.
    Greetings from Poland!

  3. I really have to get my hands on the Soft Glam palette soon, it looks absolutely stunning!

    Danielle xx


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