What not to do in the mornings? | BAD MORNING HABITS 2019

Sunday, 7 July 2019

What not to do in the mornings? bad mornings habits
What not to do in the morning? Bad morning habits

Theres a lot of different ways you can spend your mornings. However, there are a few things you are probably better off not doing! Having bad morning habits can impact on the whole of your day, so if you want to know how to live a more positive day, you need to start with your mornings. So, what should you not do in the mornings? Read on and/or watch the video at the end to find out!
1. Rush

It is much better to go to bed a little earlier and wake up a little earlier. I used to be a total nightmare in the mornings. I'd almost always leave only 20 mins to get ready and leave the house. I was stressed and grumpy and tended to make a billion mistakes I'd later regret (forget headphones, wear the wrong bra etc). You can read more about how I changed to getting up at 5am here, but even if you just allow yourself an hour rather than half an hour, your stress levels will reduce and you'll allow yourself some time just for you before having to go to work (or do whatever it is you need to but don't necessarily want to). 

P.S - TIP, pick out your outfit the night before to save time and decision making in the morning.

2. Check social media

Theres a reason why so many people say not to do this. The mornings that I have slipped up and done this, have always been the more negative starts to my day. Not only can you lose track of time and end up late (you may as well have slept for longer), you are spending your precious time, investing in other people as soon as you wake up. Probably people you don't know and maybe don't even like. Especially sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Yes instagram gets a lot of slack for comparing to other people etc. But for me, Twitter and Facebook are the ones that can really bring my day down. I made the mistake of going on social media a few days ago on the way to work (train... not driving obviously). 

I ended up so grumpy and annoyed by the time I had made it to work. Why? I'd ended up down a rabbit whole of comments which were just so fuelled by hate. People that were so angry about Marmite having the rainbow flag on their jar, others being livid that it changed from 'vegetarian to vegan' on the label (ingredients the same). I just got so wound up and couldn't understand why these people were so filled with hate, that I ended up becoming just as angry and bitter as them (but in my opinion, with better morals). Honestly, the only reason I haven't deleted facebook is because of the photos and links to family/friends who don't live near by. My point is, I would have had a much more positive day if I hadn't bothered with social media on that train journey. 

Saying this, I do believe there are also a lot of positives to social media. You can alter some social media to make it a more positive place (a post coming on this soon). But, I don't think that it should be something you start your day with. Invest in you, not others (or others opinions of you).

3. Jump straight to caffeine

Okay, I am a green tea drinker... not a coffee drinker. So perhaps it's easier for me to say this due to my lack of dependence on the substance. However, your body wants to be hydrated in the morning, and sadly, those caffeine beverages aren't going to do that. I tend to drink a glass of water with some lemon squished in (trying to force myself to like lemon), then I will have my tea afterwards. I'm not saying to avoid it completely, but maybe delaying it a little and not having it as your first drink of the morning! 

4. Do stuff you hate

I am all for a productive morning. But, I am also all for self care. Don't make the very first thing you do in the morning, be something you hate doing. If you are not a morning person, then this is just going to fuel your hatred for that time of day. Get up, do something you really like or eat something you bloody love (try and keep it nutritional) and make your mornings something you enjoy. Then you can do bits and bobs like stick the washing on etc once your brain is fully awake.

5. Think negatively

Okay, you have to go to work, you don't like your job. You know you are going to sit in traffic on the way there. You know that Susan who sits opposite is going to irritate you for the majority of the day for her brown nosing. I feel you. We have all been there (although I don't mind my current job to be fair). However, waking up and immediately thinking all of these thoughts, isn't going to make any difference. All it will do is make the time you have not sitting in traffic, being annoying etc. negative as well! There is no benefit to you. Try waking up and being grateful. Think about the good things that tend to happen in your day, what makes you happy in life generally or anything that brings you joy. 

This is a mindset change, therefore, something that will take time. But it is really worth the time and effort. Since I've altered my thought patterns to being much more positive, my life has improved so much. There's no point wasting your precious time being annoyed by things you can't control. If you can control them, have the mindset you need to change them (that probably won't come from being Grumpy Mcgee). Change that feeling of dread to motivation. Think well if I work my arse off for the next month, show I'm motivated, maybe I'll get that promotion that is on offer and won't have to sit opposite bloody Susan anymore. 

I'll have a whole post on how to change your mindset coming up soon, but for now, Google it my friend.
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Thanks again!

J x

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